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Saturday, June 7, 2008

To all the dedicated Citizens of WoYUI, we have moved to a new site.


Now I know that it isn't completely renovated just yet, but please be patient with us. For those interested in helping us with whatever (news, discography, or even graphics, please contact me at ) As I'm still a student in school (yes, I still have to go to school -___-;;; ) I will need all the help I can get.

For now, enjoy the prettyness!

New Song (I will love you)

Friday, March 28, 2008

I will love you, track 8 of YUI's upcoming album, leaked out on radios all over Japan.

Click here to download!


YUI Mentioned in Site

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Xeroderma Pigmentosis is agenetic disorder of DNA repair in which the ability to repair damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light is deficient. It is also the main theme for the popular dorama Taiyou no Uta (タイヨウのうた Song of the Sun), which spawned a movie that starred YUI. This site that documents the effects and symptons of XP mentions the film in a special section.

source: [1]

Laugh away To Be Released Digitally

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laugh away, the first track for YUI's 3rd album, is to be released digitally soon! More info later.

New Album!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My dearest apologies for the lack of news for a while. We have been updating the layout though, so be prepared for a major change.

While that goes on...


Release Date: 2008.04.09
Lyrics/Music by YUI
CD+DVD SRCL 6766~7 3,750 yen (including tax)
CD-Only SRCL 6738 3,059 yen (including tax)


CD Tracklist
  1. Laugh away
  2. My Generation
  3. Find me
  4. No way
  5. Namidairo
  6. Daydreamer
  7. Love is all
  8. I will love you
  9. We will go
  10. OH YEAH
  11. My friend
  12. LOVE & TRUTH
  13. Am I wrong?

DVD Tracklist
  1. Good-bye days PV
  2. I remember you PV
  3. Rolling star PV
  4. CHE.R.RY PV
  5. Live clips from YUI’s live at Budokan on 2007.11.19

YUI's third album, which includes My Generation, LOVE & TRUTH, and Namidairo, while the DVD contains the music videos from her previous album, CAN'T BUY MY LOVE. The boxes apparently signify the ‘layers’ of safety around YUI, how she had always been sheltered, but now she’s stepping out of it so she can become more independent! Or maybe it’s a pictorisation of the expression ‘thinking out of the box’ or so...
The title of the album is a reference to The Beatles’ song ‘Yesterday’, obviously, as YUI admits to being a huge fan of them.

More info will come in time. Back to renovating!

YUI #5 in UTA-NET RANKING 2007 (Online Lyrics Service)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Note: UTA-NET is the largest lyrics searching engine in Japan.

YUI's touching songs have driven fans mad enough to look them up via UTA-NET, placing her at 5th place in the Top 30 Most Searched Artists of 2007

2007 Top 30 Most Searched Artists
Rank - Artist - Retrieved Times

1 RADWIMPS 1270309
2 Mr.Children 1263374
4 コブクロ 863551
5 YUI 716523
6 EXILE 714678
7 浜崎あゆみ 686407
8 aiko 660857
9 中島みゆき 570655
10 大塚愛 556925
11 Aqua Timez 533508
12 倖田來未 530832
13 ポルノグラフィティ 526320
14 ORANGE RANGE 513667
15 L'Arc~en~Ciel 464675
16 宇多田ヒカル 463624
17 嵐 460216
19 ケツメイシ 431846
20 B'z 422370
21 スキマスイッチ 403549
22 UVERworld 379867
23 スピッツ 377884
24 GReeeeN 352452
25 Janne Da Arc 340703
26 中島美嘉 334295
27 ELLEGARDEN 330562
28 レミオロメン 326920
29 ALI PROJECT 318727
30 GLAY 316914

source: [1]

Namidairo Covers are Out

Normal Edition

Limited Edition

Personally I like the Limited Edition more, but it's your choice! They're both pretty anyway.

Three Updates: Namidairo PV has finished filming/Lyrics to Namidairo/Higher Quality Namidairo

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

According to YUI's blog, the PV for Namidairo has finished filming. She is now working on her next album. Oh the excitement!

Namidairo 撮影

みなさん お元気ですか?










Namidairo Photoshoot

How is everyone? How were all of your holidays?

I'm taking pictures of the Namidairo music video!! The scene when coming out of the telephone box. Look forward to it!

It is the first to be on air!
Thank you (everyone) so much for your impressions on it.
It's very encouraging.

Because the coupling song is also completed
It's possible that an album might be coming in the near future

I am recording (for it)♪

Because it was very cold today
Everybody has to take care in preparing for the cold(before they go out)~☆

Thank you always for all of the messages.



Like she says, expect pictures soon!

source: [1]

Lyrics for Namidairo are out!

嫌われているような気がしてた 帰り道
見上げた部屋の明かり 今どんな気持ちで居るのだろう

ケンカになればすぐ謝る 弱くてあなたはずるい人

困らせてしまうほど わがままになりたい

大丈夫 そう言ってみたけど そんなはずないでしょ

水溜りに写る悲しい顔 見られている
無理言わないつもり 分かってるから苦しくなるの

優しくされると撫でてくる やっぱりあなたはずるい人

困らせてしまうほど わがままになりたい

大丈夫 そう言ってみたけど そんなはずないでしょ

あなたの前じゃ嘘つきを きずいて欲しいと思ってるの  
そんなに強いわけじゃないからね あたし

涙こぼさない 決めていたのに
困らせてしまうよね わがままになれない

大丈夫 なんてまた聞くけど そんなはずないでしょ


I felt like I was being hated on the way back
I looked at the vacant room and wondered what feelings its having now

apologising easily in a quarrel, you're sly to be so weak

the night i couldn't hear the voice of a tear's colours
as i worried, i wished i could be selfish for once

its okay, you seemed to say, but that isn't true right?

looking at the sad face reflected in the puddle
i never said its impossible, i understand, thats why its painful

being gentle and caressing me, you really are so cunning

the night i couldn't hear the voice of a tear's colours
as i worried, i wished i could be selfish for once

its okay, you seemed to say, but that isn't true right?

I feel like I want to hurt you by calling you a liar
but I don't mean that I'm that strong

My tears aren't spilling because 've decided
I am done with worrying, I can't be selfish

I still hear you saying its okay, but that isn't true right?

A better quality version of Namidairo is out! You can download it here. Enjoy!

CHE.R.RY Lands Among 111 Most Requested Love Songs

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Among 111 popular love songs requested by viewers of Music Station, YUI's ever-so-popular CHE.R.RY ranks 106. Congratualations, YUI!

source: [1]

YUI's 2008 New Year Message

Friday, January 11, 2008

"At Nippon Budokan, in person and in the image
it is 'Fire Exit Pose' with cocktail sunglasses
First announcement.

Please give best regard to the year 2008~"

source: [1]