YUI 2nd in Koisora Theme Song Poll

Sunday, November 25, 2007

YUI placed 2nd place among ten artists that filled the Top Ten spots for 'Most Wanted to Sing the Koisora Movie Theme Song'. Congratualations YUI!

Placed 1st is artist Ayumi Hamasaki, an older J-Pop singer, while trailing behind YUI is Mr. Children.

Rough Translation of the site:

The largely anticipated announcement of the results

The announcement of the casts of the movie have been completed successfully.
You all must of course be anxious right?

Poll voting took place during the beginning of one week.

Valid votes total: 12,982

(On YUI): A lot of opinions about the "song/poem" said that YUI's voice fit well with sending the message of empty love. Most of the votes came from men.

Most Wanted to Sing the Koisora Movie Theme Song (Top Ten):
1. Ayumi Hamasaki (
2. YUI
3. Mr. Children
4. Aqua Timez
5. Arashi (
6. ayaka (絢香)
7. HY (HYDE?)
8. Koda Kumi (
10. Ai Otsuka (
大塚 愛)

source: Top Three / Rest of Top Ten


Anonymous said...

Yay! Go YUI! She certainly has the right songs for animes especially her Bleach stuff. I can't believe Ayu has first palce. I thought people was just plan tired of her which this proves them wrong. Congrats to Yui and Ayu!

Anonymous said...

i love ayu i love yui i love mr. children i love aqua timez i love arashi i love ayaka i love hyde i love kuu i love seamo i love ai

Anonymous said...

congrats!! yui rocks!!! but wasn't it mr. children that sang the song in the end?

Anonymous said...

scrEw mr. chIldrEn yUI Is thE bEst shE shOUld hAvE gOttEn fIrst And nOt AyUmI hAmAsAkI ='(((

Anonymous said...

congrats to YUI!