YUI places #3 for 'School Festival Queen' Poll

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall is a common season for school festivals (known as "gakuensai"). To see who's popular this year, Oricon surveyed a thousand people, asking them which celebrities seem like they would be the festival "king" and "queen."
The "kings" tend to fall along the lines of either popular comedians or good-looking actors. This year, comedy won out, with the silly Yoshio Kojima being an overwhelming favorite. "Hana Kimi" stars Shun Oguri and Toma Ikuta represented the ikemen at #2 and #3 (receiving votes mainly from women), but comedy acts Taka and Toshi, Tutorial, and Moody Katsuyama filled the next three slots. Another comedian, Yakkun Sakurazuka, was #8. The outrageous DJ OZMA ranked 7th. Rounding out the list were hip-hop group FUNKY MONKEY BABYS and actor Yuta Hiraoka, tied for 9th.

Unlike the "kings," the "queens" are chosen primarily for their looks, though comedy still plays a factor (two comediennes, Kanako Yanagihara [2nd] and Sumiko Nishioka [6th] being proof) . At the top was this year's hot topic in gravure idols, Leah Dizon. Our beloved singer YUI was #3, with Erika Sawajiri ranking 4th (though the survey was conducted partly before the "Closed Note" incident), followed by Maki Horikita in 5th.
The last four spots in the top ten were taken by Yui Aragaki, Shoko Nakagawa, Ayaka, and Ai Otsuka, respectively

1. Leah Dizon
2. Kanako Yanagihara
3. YUI
4. Erika Sawajiri
5. Maki Horikita
6. Sumiko Nishioka
7. Yui Aragaki
8. Shoko Nakagawa
9. Ayaka
10. Ai Otsuka

Congratulations to YUI!

source: tokyograph


Anonymous said...

YUI will ALWAYS be my queen. ;D

Anonymous said...

yay YUI!! boo erika~

Anonymous said...

I love Yui in the FACE!

Lisa said...

cool, i'll vote.