New Single: LOVE & TRUTH!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


CD Tracklist
2. Jam
3. My Generation ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. LOVE & TRUTH ~Instrumental~

DVD Tracklisting
1. LOVE & TRUTH (Closed Note Ver)


YUI's 11th single, LOVE & TRUTH, will be released September 26th. The title song will be used for Erika Sawajiri's new film, Closed Note. This is yet another connection between the actress/singer and YUI, as they both played Kaoru Amane in Taiyou no Uta (Erika was in the drama, while YUI was in the film). The title song is a slow ballad with strings accompaniment, while JAM is rumoured to be a fast, upbeat rock song. My Generation will also be included with a rearranged acoustic version, a must-have on every YUI single.

Promotional Picture:

LOVE & TRUTH Promo CD Rip. Enjoy!

The PV was recently released for LOVE & TRUTH. It shows two sides of YUI. The first YUI that you see is a shy girl in a cream-colored dress. She reads a book throughout the PV. The darker rockish YUI is found in what looks like to be the sewers or some underground hideaway. As she plays her electric guitar, ghostly beings accompany her on the strings in the background. Scenes from the movie itself is also featured in the PV. All in all, this is a perfectly executed PV for a perfect song. Enjoy!

Making Of Screencaps. You can see a few scenes with her reading the book and one scene with the dark side of YUI: